10 Easy Steps To Clean Windows

Easy Steps To Clean Windows

Easy Steps To Clean Windows

Pick the right day

Cloudy days and shadow facing windows are the best to clean. The sun will only cause streaking despite your best cleaning after all.

Cleaning solution

In fact, there are cleaners you can use for window cleaning. Not to mention, but most people use water and ordinary dish soap mixture. Overall, using a bottle and towel will clean dirt and cleaning solution around, leaving windows neat and clean after all.

Rubber gloves

Not only but also, clean the surface with a soft brush, dust away cobwebs and dirt from windows, In fact, use rubber gloves to prevent damage to your hands.


Not to mention, to prevent the mess from drips and dirt, place a towel on the windows sill.


In the first place, fill a bucket with dish detergent and cold water. In fact, Do not make the water too hot as it will evaporate from the Easy Steps to clean Windows before cleaning.


Dunk your squeegee which has the wet cover and washing cloth attached, into the bucket of soapy water. All things considered, put the solution over the window. In fact, scrub the window of dirt. Not only but also, now use the scraper to wipe out if you want to use the scraper, make sure to pass the blade in the forward direction overall,

Top to Bottom

Not to mention, remove the washing cloth from the squeegee. In fact, working from top to bottom, Moreover, move the squeegee across the window, overall removing the cleaning solution and dirt from the glass after all.

Clean Stains

Outside windows are mostly visible by stains because exposed to hard water, droppings, and things that make dirt. There are a few methods you can use to the best remove stains on the windows

Put a Cloth with cleaner and rub on the stains. Clean the window with water and perform normal cleaning.

Clean Cloth

Use a clean cloth to wipe the squeegee dry after each wing across the window. Work from the top of the squeegee moving down to the bottom of the window. A dry squeegee avoids drips and keeps dirt from forming.

Dry the Window

When you completed cleaning with the squeegee, move the cloth along the waterside of the window to dry the window left behind. Move to the window sill and clean up any cleaning solution.