Best and professional Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Cleaning Tips
The Bathroom is one of the busiest and personal places in the home. So it should be always looking clean and tidy. Similarly, it is simple and easy to clean the scum and shower on the rings of the toilet bowl. Don’t use harsh and harmful chemicals. Furthermore, we have, after all, got some more best and professional bathroom cleaning tips and want your bathroom to be free of harmful chemicals and want the bathroom to be eco-friendly and free of bacteria, dust, and grime.

Removing Scum Best and professional Bathroom Cleaning Tips

In any event, you can remove and soften the soap scum that collects on the sides if the tub with an oil. Use a funnel to pour the mixture in the spray bottle and spray the sides of the tub. Moreover, let the solution to stay for a few minutes and wipe it using a damp microfiber cloth. Additionally, to remove the slipperiness of the oil from the bottom of the tub, wipe it down with a clean sponge soaked in white vinegar. Best and professional Bathroom Cleaning Tips Use caution when entering and exiting the tub for safety. By using these bathroom cleaning tips from house cleaning services professional cleaners you can make the bathroom look neat and clean.

Remove the Stains

In the long run, To remove stubborn stains of the soap residue from the bathtubs and sinks use a paste made of hydrogen peroxide in a small container. Apply the paste on the surface and use a brush to scrub the surface.  Now rinse and clean with water and wipe it dry with a soft microfiber cloth.

Cleaning the Toilet Bowl

Comparatively, cheap generic coca-cola is a great toilet bowl cleaner. It can remove an loosen up the harsh and stubborn water strains. Furthermore, just empty a can of cola in the toilet bowl, and it stays for an hour and scrubs and flushes the toilet. Use a microfiber cloth moisture with vinegar and wipe off the drops of cola on the surface. The vinegar will also clean, disinfect and sanitize these surfaces.

Drain Unclogging Best and professional Bathroom Cleaning Tips

There are many reasons that bathroom drains slow up and clog up. Equally, but a working drain is very essential and necessary if you want to use the bathroom for many purposes such as washing the hair, face, and hands. In addition, remove and unclog the drain by putting baking soda and following it with a cup of vinegar. When the two ingredients are combined they act as foam and fizz together. After about 20 minutes flush the drain with hot water to make it clean and tidy as it was before. For more tips and tricks on bathroom cleaning kindly visit We are one of the leading cleaning companies in Montreal and Laval. We offer professional cleaning services at very affordable and competitive pricing.