Deep Cleaning Monthly

Deep Cleaning Monthly

Everyone wants and loves a clean and neat house.  We understand that some chores need to be done daily, weekly and others once ina month or even a year. The basic problem is the chores that are big and need time. The best option for this is the deep cleaning monthly schedule as it will break the tasks into a monthly cleaning checklist to go through easily without taking the stress. So here we are with a deep cleaning monthly schedule to make the house clean and free time in your lives.

Refrigerator Cleaning

An important part of the kitchen is the refrigerator. As the holidays are no more it is the best time to clear out the leftover in the fridge and disinfect it. In fact, use soap to clean and wash the shelves and disinfect the inside with a vinegar and water solution. Let it try before turning it back on again and put the stuff back. Isn’t it easy?

Wash the Bedding

We all know the importance of bedroom cleaning. Moreover, the sheets can be washed more than once in a month but the rest of the bedding which is of the mattress pad, comforter, pillows, and the blankets how often we clean them. Make sure to check the cleaning guideline and wash them in hot water if the recommendation exists.

Vent Cleaning

There is a time of the year and month when the HVAC unit needs to turn off and make it clean. By removing each vent and vacuuming the opening. Washing the vent covers with soap will make it look clean and tidy. Then let it dry and put it back and see it will give a nice look at the end.

Organizing Storage Areas

Another basic chore to cover the house cleaning is the organizing of the storage areas. Remove and replace the bin that is broken and sell and throw the items not needed. Not to forget dust and wipe down the area completely.

Window Washing

By removing and washing the screen and sills of the windows it is easy for a proper clean. Wash both the outside and inside of the window. If you are living in an apartment or a big home you can hire professional cleaners for a comfortable window cleaning service.

Bathroom and Medicine Cabinet Cleaning

It is a fact that dust and dirt always get into the cabinets and drawer, Go to your bathroom and medicine cabinet and remove any expiry medicine and that makeup tools not in need. Now you can vacuum the drawers and organize the stuff accordingly.

Light Cleaning

In the month of December, the days are short and the lights need to perfectly shine bright. Dusting and cleaning the lampshades and the lighting will help you make them work nice, Wash them in soapy water and put them back again to make the home shine once more.

Call for a deep monthly cleaning

No matter what is the time of the year and what occasion it is you can call us to give the house a top to bottom deep cleaning monthly. The cleaners and maids at will clean, clear the dust and dirt and make your home look fresh, neat and tidy.

Contact us today on (514) 654 4988 to book us and see how we can serve you a deep cleaning monthly schedule.