Windows and Doors Cleaning Services

Windows and Doors Cleaning Services

When you talk about a neat and clean place, it means everything is in proper order and thoroughly sanitized. Not even a single object is messy and dirty—everything in a building like a floor, windows, furniture, and even doors. You want to get it thoroughly clean and tidy. No matter what kind of building you have House Cleaning Services provides you with the best cleaning services. Our Windows and Doors Cleaning Services are identical. In Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil, we are offering the entire range of cleaning and disinfection services that you need. If you are looking for professional and the best quality cleaning services, contact the House Cleaning Services right now and feel the level of excellence and quality. 

Windows and Doors Cleaning Services Montreal

Windows and Doors Cleaning Services Montreal

It’s not that you have installed windows and door and there is no need to clean them. They also need good cleaning services after a specific time. Window mirrors become dusty, and dust accumulation happens if you neglect it. Many hands touch the doorknobs daily, and they get germy and dusty not only the doorknobs, but the whole door needs cleaning services. During this period of the pandemic, as everyone knows that the virus can live for days on different surfaces, that’s why it is essential to get it clean and disinfect. 

How We Clean Your Windows Thoroughly

How We Clean Your Windows Thoroughly

Our cleaners fill a bucket or large pot with clean, hot water and add a few drops of the liquid dishwasher to make a solution.

We place a large bath towel underneath the window to soak any spills.

Our cleaning staff uses a clean towel cloth or sponge to go over the surface of the window, and we start cleaning from the top and working down to the bottom. We don’t forget to wipe down the frame as well from both sides.

Use the spray on the window thoroughly with the vinegar and hot water solution, or if you want, a commercial window cleaning and disinfection product we apply it if you demand. There is another way to clean windows by mixing one capful of ammonia with two gallons of water.

We use a clean, lint-free towel; sometimes we use a waste black and white newspaper to dry the window completely. We also use clean paper towels to soak the water drops from the windows.

Sometimes dirt or streaks remain, then we spray and rub it again. Dirty windows typically require two rounds of spraying, rubbing and drying.

Doors Cleaning Tasks

door cleaning task

Not only tables, chairs, and sofa need cleaning services. But the doors in your building also need cleaning services. When you hire our professional cleaning services, we make sure that there is not an object left behind uncleaned. We scour the door. If you have a wooden door at your place, our cleaners spray it and wipe off all the dust from the frame. 

If you need such professional cleaning services in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil contact us and feel the quality of services. You can call at our number anytime you want we are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year-round the clock.